Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Champion, Rachid Roussafi...


Large, calm spaces, with stretches of water, far from the crowd.


The Heliophora spot and its nautical team guarantee you a safe navigation.


Heliophora is the kitecamp ecolodge of Dakhla. It is located south of the lagoon (mainland side) and the White Dune in a natural and preserved environment. It has a kitesurfing centre (but also windsurfing, surfing and SUP) and faces a spot of size and world reputation. The Heliophora ecolodge camp kitecamp was created by Rachid Roussafi. Rachid is the pioneer of Dakhla, he is the one who "discovered" the spot and created the first camp (now Dakhla Attitude). Rachid is a kitesurfer from the beginning, a former renowned competitor in windsurfing and sailing. His team on site benefits from his great experience and passion to make everyone feel good in kitesurfing and in the practice of sliding sports. In Heliophora, we live a holiday at the source of the original Dakhla. We are guaranteed to have a fabulous kite trip to Dakhla.

Heliophora's bungalows are built with the local land of the Sahara and run on solar energy in a way that respects the environment of this unique place. The bungalows are charming, with a beautiful window overlooking the garden or optional, with sea view. Each bungalow has a bathroom with 24-hour electricity, hot water. The restaurant offers 3 meals a day, balanced and tasty, in a naturally magical setting.

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About us

Rachid Roussafi is the man who positioned Dakhla as the mythical stopover for kite surfers around the world. Rachid Roussafi is a Berber. Father and Mother come from the mountains above Agadir. The Father has spent his entire career in a unique company, a true protective cocoon for his employees, the Office Chérifien des Phosphates. At nine years old there is a huge breakage. We visualize it in the gesture of Rachid to whom words are missing... And we understand under modesty, that there was a before and an after. The father remarries....

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Pat Lbt

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Après quelques vacances a Dakhla, la première fois a Héliophora. On a profiter d'une semaine superbe!|Endroit exceptionnel, au milieu du désert, en plein silence, calme, au bord de l'eau!|Le spot de kite est génial! ... une baie privilégié ……

Siham Bollot-Laalami

5 5 1
Encore un séjour 100% réussi grâce au vent, au site et surtout à la gentillesse et aux conseils avisés de Rachid le "fils" du vent. Un grand merci pour les somptueuses photos de notre apprenti rider!

5 5 1
Probably, one of my Best travel. I did a burn out, after 18 years working hardly in High Technology software. Rachid had the patience to teach how to swim, help me to fight my water phobia and makes become a Kitesurfer. All of this in a paradise ... A dream

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